Black and White Totoro | Day 5/365


f/1.6, 1/80, ISO 800

For Christmas, my husband got me an amazing gift:a My Neighbor Totoro music box. If you haven’t heard of this fellow, Totoro is from a Japanese movie created by Hayao Miyazaki. This was probably the first anime movie I ever watched and I instantly fell in love with it, along with the other Studio Ghibli films that I would later come to discover. This photo of Totoro is a bit on the dark and creepy side due to it being in black and white, which is honestly what I was going for. I love the movie and Totoro himself; however, there are speculations that he is the God of Death (not something I believe), so I thought I would play off of that when taking this picture. Really, in my opinion, Totoro is far from the God of Death and is actually an amazing creature that loves the Earth and those that occupy it. I would highly suggest the movie, it’s a touching story, and hope that my creativity didn’t scare you away from ever watching it!