On the Table


f/5.0, 1/50, ISO 3200

Today’s prompt is “on the table.” There’s generally a lot that can be found on my table, but the main object on my table is my laptop. Since I took a photo of my laptop not too long ago, I decided to change it up and take a photo of this. You’re probably wondering what it is. This is a mindfulness jar. If you don’t know this about me, I’m a counselor and being one, I am often on the lookout for activities to do while in session with my clients. I feel like this mindfulness jar is best used with those who have trouble coping with sadness and/or anger. It helps to calm them down. The thought is that when you’re feeling angry or upset, you shake up the jar (in my case, a coke bottle) and watch the glitter (I used glitter glue) fall back to the bottom. Pretty neat right? I’ve done this with a lot of my clients and it seems to help them. But this one, is always on my table.

What do you think of this photo? I’m still learning so any critique is appreciated and welcomed!

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