#FMSphotoaday June 30: The End


f/2.4, 1/4300, ISO 400

June’s photo prompts have slowly come to an end. I have to admit, I’ve really enjoyed going through all of the prompts and posting new photos for them. The final June prompt was “the end.” I decided to use a photo from the end of my trip to Kentucky. On the last day, we went downtown so I could pick up a couple more souvenirs for a couple of people. Little did I know, the Color Fun Fest was in full swing so most of the roads were blocked off. Normally, I would have been delighted about the Color Fun Fest because I’ve always wanted to go, but when you’re in a place you don’t really know your way around and you’re just trying to find a place to park, it’s not so fun. Despite that, after we found parking and were looking for souvenirs, I found myself walking behind some of the participants. The run had come to an end, much like my vacation and this was the last picture I took before I left. My vacation and my journey with the FMS Photo a Day Challenge has been fun. I cannot wait to travel back to Kentucky and participate in another photo challenge.

What do you think of this photo? I’m still learning so any critique is appreciated and welcomed!

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