Visiting Chinatown in Philadelphia with Clickin Moms: Note


f/5.6, 1/400, ISO3200

While on my trip to Chinatown in Philadelphia with the Clickin Mom ladies, I took a lot of photos. At one point, while I was watching the other photographers work I was leaning on this brick wall. When I looked at it a bit more closely, I noticed it had writing on it (haha, writing on the wall…random, I know). The writing clearly stated “Note 2” with an arrow pointing down the street. My husband wanted to see if there were more notes on walls down the street, but we didn’t get around to doing that. It just gives us an excuse to go back one day to search for the rest of the notes and where they lead to. Though, I’m honestly not sure how long these note messages go on for or where they go to, but it would be quite an adventure.