f/2.4, 1/6400, ISO 400

Another one of those rare occasions that I wasn’t driving gave me opportunity to snap this photo. I had forgotten my camera at home, but I had my phone handy. I couldn’t help but notice the sky while we were driving down the road. After dodging trees, poles, and whatever else tried to get into my shot, I was able to take this photo of the sky. The picture doesn’t do the sky justice of how beautiful it was. Next time I should tell my husband to pull over so I can get a better shot.

Day: 17/365


f/2.4, 1/30, ISO 2800

My cat is an interesting fellow. He enjoys staring at random things in the distance that I cannot see for the life of me. I’m never quite sure of what he’s looking at or what he sees. Whatever it is, it always puts him in a trance. The trance is so deep that he can’t even be pulled from it when a camera is stuck in his face. At least he makes for a good model when I need him to be.

Day: 16/365


f/2.4, 1/25, ISO 3800

The other night my husband and I went out to dinner, which is not rare. He had placed his hat on the table and I absolutely loved the way the light from the overhead chandeliers beamed down on it. Of course, I pulled out my phone (since I generally don’t take my camera into restaurants) and after getting a look from my husband after telling him to get out of my shot, I took the photo. I almost wanted to tell the guy in the booth behind him to move as well, but I thought that would be rude.

Day: 15/365


f/6.3, 1/200, ISO 3200

We have frogs in our fish tank. If you have a fish tank and don’t have frogs, I suggest you get some because they are so much fun to watch. As a matter of fact, we just picked up two more in addition to this one in the photo above. This is one of the images I was able to capture of one of the frogs swimming through the water. It’s the first time I was really able to take of the frog that didn’t come out too dark or where the frog was blending in with the rocks. I hope to take a few more photos of the frogs swimming around, they’re too much fun.

Day: 14/365


f/5.0, 1/1000, ISO 400

One of the days that I got a break from driving, I brought my camera along with me. I had the opportunity to take this photo of a variety of flowers and plants. I think it is a little bright, but I love the way everything flows together.

Day: 13/365


f/2.4, 1/25, ISO 400

Did you know August 26th is National Dog Day? I didn’t know either until my Facebook Feed became flooded with photos of people’s dogs. So, I jumped on the bandwagon and capture a photo of my pretty pooch.

Day: 12/365


f/2.4, 1/25, ISO 3500

My dog was so cute and is so cute when she cuddles up under a blanket. This isn’t the best photo, but I wanted to capture her photo in the blanket and was worried she’d move if I moved since she was at my feet.

Day: 11/365


f/5.6, 1/800, ISO 160

Wandering around the yard today with my mother, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to take a photo of for the daily photo challenge. There are these rocks stacked up as if they were once part of a wall along with a few tree stumps. The way it is setup, with the planter, it reminded me of ancient Rome or another type of ancient architecture. Changing the color and lighting of the photo, just added to the ancient feel.

Day: 10/365