Bird and Bush


f/6.3, 1/500, ISO 100

Recently I headed over to The Steel Stacks to catch a movie. Since I was going to be up-close and personal, instead of on the river bank, I decided to take my camera to take a couple of close up shops. No, this picture is not of the Steel Stacks as you can obviously see, it’s a wildlife photography shot of a bird that my mom spotted when I was take photos of other things. Use my awesome Sigma 70mm-300mm, I was able to capture this photo of the bird. Don’t ask me what kind of bird it is, that shouldn’t be a surprise at this point, I’m sure. Despite how much I enjoy wildlife photography, I don’t know the names of a lot of creatures, plants, and flowers. But that doesn’t mean I can’t capture them in photos.

The bird is a bit blurry, I should have increased my shutter speed, But not a bad photo, at least in my opinion.